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CQC Inspection History (from March 2012 to December 2017).

On 7th March 2012 an unannounced visit by a CQC Inspector resulted in a full day of inspection. Allina who was newly appointed to the position of Acting Manager was truly thrown in at the deep end but demonstrated her knowledge and abilities. The end result was that: "Nutley Lodge Care Home met all the essential standards of quality and safety".

The inspector met with a number of staff, service users, family members and a visiting nurse all of whom complemented the home. The inspector also examined various documents and observed staff performing some of their duties with the service users.

On March 6th 2013 the normal unannounced annual visit by CQC took place. The outcome was that the home met all inspected essential standards of quality and safety. Favourable comments were also included by the inspector in the final report. Highlights were the care plans as 'exemplary' and 'how the manager and staff dealt with clients'.

On September 26th 2013 CQC carried out an inspection at Nutley. We again met all inspected essential standards that were examined during the visit.

During August 2015 CQC carried out their biannual unannounced inspection. Under the new regulations three inspectors (two per day) spent two days examining our systems and records. They also interviewed staff clients relatives and visiting professions. The overall outcome was that the home achieved a GOOD rating (the new grading system).

In December 2017 CQC carried out their periodic inspection and graded all categories as GOOD. CQC did not make any recommendations for improvement.

CQC reports can be accessed via our link page.